Non-Toxic Paint System


The Food Paint System is designed to protect surfaces that come into direct contact with drinking water or food for which potable water is used as a simulant test. It comprises a first primer and one or two top layers of one and the same product. SEIREPOX MULTICAPA AL accomplishes the requirements of R.D. 847/2011 (materials in contact with foodstuffs), the system’s formulated components are all on the positive list of substances, and it also complies with the requirements of contaminant migration for any period of contact and at temperatures less than or equal to 40°C.

Primer and finisch:

SEIREPOX MULTICAPA AL: Two-component coloured epoxy binder, suitable for contact with drinking water and solid foodstuffs. Solvent-free, 100% solids. Hygienic and easy to clean. For smooth or anti-slip finishes; can be dusted with sand. High chemical and mechanical resistance. Waterproof. Indoor and outdoor use.

alimentariopintura 450

esquema alimentario 450





Food Epoxy Paint System


Seirepox Multicapa AL (diluted) 200-300 gr/m2


Seirepox Multicapa AL 150-250 gr/m2

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