What is the price for an  CELINE 3D FLOORING® exclusive floor?

The price is composed of: Type of ground, for example, Screed, tile, concrete, wood, etc. Type of film Mask floors or 3D floors Size of area Type of coating (color group, Smooth or slip resistant, u.s.w.) Room type (residential, office, yacht interior, hall, garage, etc.)

There are extra costs for the hotel, arrival and departure.

This also results in that a small space, e.g. Toilet (2 m²) in m² price is much more expensive than a bath with e.g. 8 m².

If you want to save, order the small area added to a large area and then usually get the m² price of large area for the small area.

You certainly can use m² Price comparison. You can assume that the price is made up of qualitative and high-quality materials for the floor design.

Prices for 3D f:loors with photo :From 150 €/m2 to 250 €/m2

This are the european prices, our partner worldwide have here own pricelist

and can be cheaper.

3D and Monochrome Decoration floors is a exclusive  One time investmentand for ever, no repair, no brocken joins or tiles and much easyer to clean.